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You have arrived at the webpage which provides access to the results of Harper Adams University students.

Results from the May/June 2022 assessment period are confirmed as definitive only after the following dates and time:

Final Year Undergraduate - Tuesday 12th July 2022 at 13:00hrs

Continuing and Taught Postgraduate - 19th July 2022 at 13:00hrs

There may be a short delay in the loading of results owing to server load. If you cannot see your results, please be patient and wait a few minutes before trying again.

Please note that formal transcripts, diplomas, certificates relating to academic performance, and references may be withheld if you are in debt to the University.

If you have outstanding assessments to complete, or you are not currently in a position to progress on your course of study, you will receive further information via your Harper email account no later than 5pm on Friday 22nd July. Please check your email carefully, and follow the instructions to access this information. If, after reading this information, you have further queries, you should contact your Programme Manager or Course Tutor.

If you have a concern about your results which has not been addressed in the communication detailed above, please contact your Programme Manager or Course Tutor. If you are unable to contact them or have your query answered, please contact the University’s Chair of Course Assessments Boards, Mr Steve Barnett ( within 24 hours of receipt of your results, with your query, your contact details and your student ID and full name.

The approved appeals arrangements are available on the University website Key Information page (Academic Appeals Policy September 2020):

Important Information for Continuing Students about Enrolment for 2022/3

Personalised e-mails will be sent to postgraduate and undergraduate students who are eligible to re-enrol. This will contain important information about re-enrolling ready for the start of the new term.

Emails are sent out in batches and you may not receive yours at the same time as other people in your course or year group.

Undergraduate queries should be directed to

Please direct postgraduate queries to

Please click here to access your individualised results. The key to grades is shown below.

Key to grades

Foundation DegreeD70 - 100%(Distinction)
M55 - 69%(Merit)
P40 - 54%(Pass)
R30 - 39%(Marginal Fail)
F0 - 29%(Fail)
Bachelor’s DegreeA70 - 100%
B60 - 69%
C50 - 59%
D40 - 49%
E35 - 39%(Marginal Fail)
F0 - 34%(Fail)
Postgraduate AwardsD70 -100%(Distinction)
M60 - 69%(Merit)
P40 - 59%(Pass)
F0 - 39%(Fail)
XModule compensation determined by Course Assessments Board (prefixed by ‘R’, ‘E’ or ‘F’ as appropriate)
F#Academic misconduct
IIncomplete: assessment is outstanding, for example because of mitigating circumstances
BlankDeferred: assessment not yet complete/reported to Board
PMPostponed Module: to subsequent academic year
WMWithdrawn Module: self-withdrawn from module
WTWithdrawn Transferred: self-withdrawn from module but transferred to alternate module
WVWithdrawn Voluntarily: self-withdrawn from course prior to assessment completion
WPWithdrawn Postponed: postponed studies before assessment
WNWithdrawn: withdrawn from course
URUnder Review: under investigation on suspicion of academic misconduct